ABOUT Claret S & M

April mask sketch by Mairi Reid.JPG

Claret Sales and Marketing Ltd born was out of the 2020 'lockdown'.


Claret being my sailing nick name used by many and having married my wine merchant in 2018 it seems a suitable name for this new venture.

The artwork was commissioned to Mairi Reid for Underwood’s Covid news page and as we're all grown-ups I thought we'd be a tad risqué and use Mairi's image for my icon for Claret S&M websites for grown-ups & not taking life too seriously !

Having worked in both sales and marketing roles for many years, starting at Heaphy’s the family business at the tender age of 13. I ended up between jobs at the start of Covid and put together the website for a new online store for Underwood Wines, my husband’s old fashioned wine emporium, bringing the Underwood Brothers kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Having re-discovered how enjoyable it was to build websites and develop company branding, I somehow acquired Peeli Printing logo, machines and the team at the end of lockdown. The well-known Peeli brand is under new ownership and has had a restructure and located to The Hangar, Snitterfield. This is giving the ‘fledgling’ company a start with some what limited overheads as we’ve built a purpose built office within Underwood’s Hanger.

My career includes Business & Marketing Studies and CIM qualifications and years spent  building & re-branding companies, inc. English Ladies Golf Association & Norwood Partitions Ltd, along with years as technical sales in the home automation and window treatment industry. I’m used to working in both B2C & B2B with product design and installation teams. I’m now full steam ahead launching Claret Sales and Marketing Ltd with Peeli being a trading name which we’re promoting and building the name to take us forward.